Travel Choices

Travel Choices is a free, dedicated business resource, which prepares organisations of all sizes for the changes to the transport and road network, supporting a shift to more sustainable ways of moving around the CBD.


Since August 2015, the Travel Choices team has worked with almost 500 organisations in the CBD offering a range of support, including one-to-one consulting, group workshops, management briefings and ongoing information, advice and resources. Here’s how you can get involved:


Attend an upcoming workshop for an introduction to Travel Choices. They’re free and only 45 minutes. Each workshop covers:

  • CBD and South East Light Rail construction timelines
  • Details of changes to the CBD road network
  • Potential impacts to staff, customers and servicing and delivery
  • A step-by-step guide on how to complete a ‘Travel Action Plan’ that will help you and your business stay ahead of the construction

Book a workshop


For organisations with a large number of staff in the CBD, one-to-one advice is available from a dedicated travel adviser.

This part of the program is flexible, but the team has worked with organisations on the following:

  • Travel survey to understand how your staff are travelling to and from work
  • Travel action plan, identifying opportunities and actions based on the results of the survey

Contact the Travel Choices team directly by emailing or calling 1800 632 500.